Personalized reminders so grandma never forgets to take a pill again.

Making it easier for caregivers. Keeping our kūpuna healthy.

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Easing the responsibility for caregivers while maximizing care for eldery

Pill Beacon is a service that sends multiple, daily reminders to elderly prompting them to take their prescription medication. By calling grandma's home or mobile phone, we remind her to take her pills and account for her general safety and well-being.

Pill Beacon Reminders

Everyday Pill Beacon will have a real, local human being make a personalized call to Grandma (or Grandpa) reminding her to take her medication and account for her general safety. As caregivers ourselves, we understand the struggles of balancing a full-time job in addition to taking care of grandma. While we're at work, there's no one at home to remind Grandma to take her pills and check if she's okay. Pill Beacon makes it easy for caregivers to rest assured Grandma is safe and properly medicated.

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Our Story

These are my 90-year-old grandparents. Alice, my grandma, has onset dementia and a pacemaker and takes numerous medication multiple times a day. Sometimes, she does not remember to take her pills, know which ones to take, and easily mistakes one of those little white pills for another. While I’m away at college and am not there to organize her pills, she can easily over or underdose. Pill Beacon is my solution to begin to help my family, and the many families around the world, provide the stress-free, quality care our elders deserve.

Reducing Stress, Creating Peace-of-mind, and Ensuring proper care.

Caregiving is hard enough. We’re here for you.